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Every home is different, so we start by understanding your solar energy goals by talking with you. We determine the size of your system by your historical electrical usage and evaluate the amount of roof space your home has for the most sunlight possible..


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The solar energy industry is expanding every day and it can be difficult knowing where to begin. With so many choices and opportunities available to you, it can seem overwhelming at first. That is where can help. By providing all of the information you need as you get started in going solar, you can be confident with your decision.

Whether you want to purchase or lease, our network is able to provide you with all the background information you are looking for. Let us be your stepping stone in going solar.

How Solar Panels Work

Solar panels (also called modules) are most commonly installed on the homeowner’s roof, however they can also be installed as a ground mount or as carports. Solar Panels are made up of photovoltaic cells, which convert sunlight into usable DC electricity (direct current). These panels are connected to the inverter, which converts the electricity from DC power to AC power (alternating current). AC power is the standard electrical current used in your home. The AC power travels from the inverter to the main electrical panel and is then ready to be used in your home..

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